Hybrid Capsule, new innovation of the future world (Double Capsule)

Hybrid Capsule is the latest innovation of the future world. Double capsule is from Food Science of supplements that combine oil extracts (Trans fat free) and powder mixture extracts in 1 capsule by overlapping in 2 layers. It can be called the future world in this era. Dietary supplements with double capsule technique is a process produced by the leading OEM factory of the country. The extracts were imported from Japan and Germany, they were mixed together with collagen supplement extracts in order to match functions of the human body. With the idea of bringing good things to you. Today, our product available at Shopee and Lazada platforms, or if you need an advisee, you can order at line account @avila (with @) or press the button below.

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A Journey of Hybrid Capsule, the Innovation of the Future World

  • Outer capsule

The first layer is composed of oil extracts. When consuming, the outer capsule will be dissolved in stomach, oil extracts will not be damaged by acid and fully absorbed in the body.

  • Inner capsule

The second layer is powder extracts, it will not be damaged by acid in stomach. The capsule then goes to be split in the small intestine. This is the heart of Avila Collagen. Did you know? The function of colostomy is to absorb nutrient from the dietary fiber, and it absorb 3 times better than stomach. When combine with our premium grade extracts, grapeseed oil extract (Trans fat free). Moreover, it help creating skin and hair together with Astaxanthin, as a result of slowing age, reducing premature winkles, melasma, spot, and hyperpigmentation.

How does the Hybrid Capsule work?

Double capsule or hybrid capsule consisted of inner and outer layers packed with various extracts. There are two type of extracts, which are oil and powder. Grapeseed oil, Vitamin, Gluta Thion, Collagen, etc. were composed in a 2-layer capsule. It does not destroy the benefits of other 10 types of extracts. Each layer was produced by modern food science process that bring you to the good point from inside out. You will be shine and not be afraid of sunlight anymore.

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