Astaxanthin Anti-Aging Supplement

Astaxanthin Anti-Aging Supplement

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Astaxanthin anti-aging supplement, astaxanthin or red algae is an antioxidant extract. As the age increases, the body causes the deterioration of the cells in the body. It produce free radicals, which cause damages to the body.  Resulted in the body to lose its balance and cells damage. Free radicals not only destroy cells in the body, but also slow down the production of cells in the body.

Antioxidant is highly necessary for the body, because the body can produce free radicals every day. Either internal or external factors, dust, smoke, and air pollution can cause free radicals in the body. Therefore, it is required to add the antioxidant to the body as it inhibits the destruction of cells by free radicals. In general, the antioxidant can be found in natural food that is consumable. Astaxanthin or red algae are accepted from people worldwide, that it is the antioxidant to help in anti-wrinkles and anti-aging.


Astaxanthin or red algae is the antioxidant that is commonly used in skin care products or dietary supplements that help to reduce wrinkles, slow aging, nourish eyes, protect skin from sunlight, and enhance the body’s immunity. It contains natural vitamin more than vitamin C for 6,000 times and more than vitamin E for 550 times with more benefits. The body cannot produce astaxanthin itself. Taking astaxanthin can not only nourish the body and skin, but also protect body cells and make them degrade more slowly.

Currently, astaxanthin commonly distilled and put in dietary supplements for skin nourishment. Because it rich in antioxidants, helps in reducing wrinkles and slowing down aging. When taking astaxanthin together with collagen, it will help to produce collagen in the body to inhibit the breakdown of collagen, and to increase elastin. Moreover, there are also many supporting research results of astaxanthin. If taking astaxanthin continuously for 6 weeks, it will help reduce wrinkles, slow down aging and make the skin look younger.


Slowing down aging can be done in a variety of ways with advanced innovation and technology that has been developed. Therefore, the astaxanthin extract is extracted in the form of dietary supplements that help nourish the body and skin as many people trend to take care their health and their skin. Taking astaxanthin help for the antioxidant in the body, nourish skin, reduce wrinkles, slow aging, and moisture skin. In addition to nourishing the skin, it also helps to nourish the body. Taking supplements and external care are important for both physical and skin health.